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Google Assistant Device Actions with Android Things (example)

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  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Blinkt hat
  • MPR121 connected to I2C1, touch button on pin #11

Setting up the Google Assistant

pip install google-auth-oauthlib[tool]
google-oauthlib-tool --scope \
          --save --headless --client-secrets /path/to/client_secret_client-id.json
  • Copy the saved credentials (~/.config/google-oauthlib-tool/credentials.json) to ./google-assistant/src/main/res/raw/

  • Open the Activity Controls page for the Google account that you want to use with the Assistant, and ensure the following toggle switches are enabled: Web & App Activity, Device Information, Voice & Audio Activity

Register the device

  • Install the Google Assistant SDK package:
pip install --upgrade google-assistant-sdk
  • Register a device model. In the command below, replace your-project-id with your Google Developer Project ID as the model must be globally unique (so it's a good idea to prefix it to help avoid collisions).
    Make sure you run the tool in the same directory you used to generate your credentials:
googlesamples-assistant-devicetool register-model --manufacturer "Assistant SDK developer" \
          --product-name "3D Lamp Assistant" --type LIGHT \
          --trait action.devices.traits.OnOff \
          --trait action.devices.traits.ColorSpectrum \
          --trait action.devices.traits.Brightness \
          --model your-project-id-3dlamp
  • Verify that the traits are registered:
googlesamples-assistant-devicetool list --model
  • Register the device instance. In the command below, replace your-project-id with your Google Developer Project ID, and change my-device-id to a unique device instance id within all of the devices registered under the same Google Developer project. (e.g.: device01):
googlesamples-assistant-devicetool register-device --client-type SERVICE \
          --model your-project-id-3dlamp \
          --device my-device-id
  • Finally, update the google-assistant/build.gradle file to change the ASSISTANT_DEVICE_INSTANCE_ID and ASSISTANT_DEVICE_MODEL_ID buildConfigField to your own values


Android Things project with the Google Assistant and Device Actions







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