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ESP32 BME280 Google Cloud IoT Core (ESP-IDF)

ESP-IDF FreeRTOS code for the ESP32 that sends BME280 sensor data to Google Cloud IoT Core, using the Cloud IoT Device SDK


  • Pull Cloud IoT Device SDK sources, running:
git submodule update

Setup Cloud IoT Core & Wiring

See ../02-esp32_bme280_ciotc_arduino/

Installing private key

Copy the Cloud IoT Core device private key to main/certs/private_key.pem subdirectory.

Compile time constants

  • Run make menuconfig
  • Under Wifi Configuration, set "WiFi SSID" and "WiFI Password"
  • Under Google IoT Core Configuration, set "Project ID", "Location", "Registry ID" and "Device ID"
  • Under BME280 Configuration, set "SDA pin", "SCL pin" and "I2C address"

Flash & Run

make -j4 flash monitor
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