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InfluxDB + Grafana Kubernetes scripts

Create a secret to store InfluxDB and Grafana auth information

Note: if you deploy to GKE, skip this part for now, as you'll first need to configure your cluster before being able to run this script.

kubectl create secret generic influxdb-grafana \
  --from-literal=influxdb-user=admin \
  --from-literal=influxdb-password=passw0rd \
  --from-literal=grafana-user=admin \

Deploy locally

Make sure you have minikube installed and started.

kubectl create -f k8s/
minikube service list

Once services are exposed, go to the Grafana dasboard (minikube service grafana --url) add the following InfluxDB data source URL: http://influxdb:8086.

Deploy to GKE

Navigate to the Google Kubernetes Engine section of the web console and wait for the system to initialize.
Then, start a console and run the following:

# Set defaults for the gcloud command-line tool
export ZONE=<zone> # e.g. europe-west1-b see
export PROJECT_ID=<project-id>
gcloud config set project $PROJECT_ID
gcloud config set compute/zone $ZONE

# Create a GKE cluster with one n1-standard-1 node:
gcloud container clusters create influxdb-grafana \
                --num-nodes 1 \
                --machine-type n1-standard-1 \
                --zone $ZONE

# Create the secret, if you haven't already
# (see the section above)

# Deploy InfluxDB and Grafana to Kubernetes
kubectl create -f k8s/

# See the services external IPs / ports
kubectl get services

Then, go to http://<grafana service external ip>:3000 and add an InfluxDB data source:

Cleaning up

If you want to delete everything, run the following:

# Delete k8s services, deployments, persistent volumes
kubectl delete -f k8s/

# Delete the secret
kubectl delete secret influxdb-grafana

# Delete the GKE cluster
gcloud container clusters delete influxdb-grafana

# Delete compute engine disks
gcloud compute disks list
gcloud compute disks delete <disk-name>

# Delete load balancing services
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