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Google Cloud Function


# Enable Cloud Functions API
gcloud services enable

Update influxDB variables

Open and modify InfluxDB variables (host, port, username, password) in the _get_influxdb_client function

Deploy the cloud function

export PUBSUB_TOPIC="<your-topic-name>"
export REGION="us-central1" #
gcloud functions deploy iotcore_pubsub_to_influxdb --runtime python37 --trigger-topic $PUBSUB_TOPIC --region $REGION

Test, triggering the function manually and checking logs

gcloud pubsub topics publish $PUBSUB_TOPIC --message "{\"timestamp\":$(date +%s),\"temperature\":24.48,\"humidity\":37.72}" --attribute "deviceId=test"
gcloud functions logs read --limit 50 --region $REGION
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