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package com.nilhcem.androidthings.i2cfun.device.components
import com.nilhcem.androidthings.i2cfun.core.ext.toPositiveInt
class ArduinoFanI2C(i2cName: String, i2cAddress: Int) : AutoCloseable {
companion object {
private const val COMMAND_ON_OFF = 0x01
private const val COMMAND_SPEED = 0x02
private const val VALUE_ON = 1.toByte()
private const val VALUE_OFF = 0.toByte()
enum class Speed(val i2cValue: Int) {
LOW(150), MEDIUM(200), HIGH(250);
companion object {
fun fromValue(i2cValue: Int) = Speed.values().firstOrNull { it.i2cValue == i2cValue } ?: MEDIUM
private var device: I2cDevice? = null
init {
device = PeripheralManager.getInstance().openI2cDevice(i2cName, i2cAddress)
var speed: Speed
get() = Speed.fromValue(device?.readRegByte(COMMAND_SPEED)?.toPositiveInt() ?: 0)
set(value) {
device?.writeRegByte(COMMAND_SPEED, value.i2cValue.toByte())
override fun close() {
device?.close().also { device = null }
fun start() = device?.writeRegByte(COMMAND_ON_OFF, VALUE_ON)
fun stop() = device?.writeRegByte(COMMAND_ON_OFF, VALUE_OFF)