Translation Guide

First of all thank yor for looking at these files in consideration to help translate Kerbal Planetary Base System into your language!

How to translate

To create a translation for your language, make a copy of the files en_us.cfg and KSPedia_en.cfg and name them accordingly to your language:

  • es-es.cfg and KSPedia_es-es.cfg for spanish
  • es-mx.cfg and KSPedia_es-mx.cfg for mexican spanish
  • ja.cfg and KSPedia_ja.cfg for japanese
  • ru.cfg and KSPedia_ru.cfg for russian
  • zh-cn.cfg and KSPedia_zh-cn.cfg for simplified chinese

Then change the language tag in the third line of the copy of the en_us.cfg file to the tag of your language.


  • "es-es" for spanish
  • "es-mx" for mexican spanish
  • "ja" for japanese
  • "ru" for russian
  • "zh-cn" for simplified chinese

Finally translate all the string after the "=" signs. e.g. for russian from = Filter Settings

to = Настройки фильтра

What not to translate

There are some texts in here that should not be translated into another language and be kept in the files as is

  1. the tags should not be replaced. Instead the tags in the new language should be appended.
  2. control sequences like '\n', '\t' or similar.
  3. HTML Tags like <b>...</b>, <i>...</i> or similar

And once again, thank you for helping translate this mod!