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Earthquake Data Mapper

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Earthquake Data Mapper allows you to keep track of current earthquakes.

You can see a map of all of the earthquakes that happened today around the globe, and see earthquakes that occurred near you!

Become aware of the significant earthquakes happening around the world.

Get push notifications of earthquakes that happen near you!


A map view filled with markers of all of the earthquakes that occurred today.

A scrolling list of the significant earthquakes of the past week.

A list of the earthquakes that happened near your current location - with a customizable range setting.

A list of all of the earthquakes around the world from the past hour, day, and week.

Each earthquake listing is clickable to show its location on the map.

Internet connection and location services are required for Earthquake Data Mapper to provide its full potential.

Earthquake Data Mapper is 100% free with no ads or in-app purchases!!!

Recent updates:

Added page dots to Most Significant Earthquakes list Added a settings page Modified color scheme General UI/UX improvements Overhaul of maps functionality Further adaptability to different screen sizes Static map improvements Push notifications that alert users if an earthquake happens near them

What's to come:

A count of the number of earthquakes that happened in the past hour and week, not just day.

An about page

A search option

More Screenshots

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