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Development Enviroment:

Embarcadero Delphi XE2:

Used packages:



Synopse PDF:

Unicode SynEdit:

Active Query Builder VCL Edition:


Mirkes MPHexEditor:

Note: MPHexEditor was developed by Markus Stephany, who stopped his work.
Later on the Delphi Code Revival project worked on it - but seems not
very long. Inside this project there is a own transformation from Delphi 7
to Delphi XE2.

Tools to build the setup program:


Gawk for Windows:

Help & Manual:

HTML Help Workshop:

Inno Setup:

Developing the program:

Inside Delphi first of all, you have to download all packages from the given
URLs. Store the source code into a new folder "Source" inside the file system.
A new folder called "Resource" need the .res and .dfm files. After this, you 
have to built all packages inside Delphi (Menu: Project -> Build All Project).

All Designtime packages needs to be installed. This will be done inside the
IDE with the project manager (Menu: View -> Project Manager). For each
package, you have to make a right click -> Install.

To get detailed memory leak informations while debugging, you have to store
FastMM_FullDebugMode.dll inside the Temp folder.

Building the setup program:

The setup program will be built with the Build_Setup.bat file.

With Clean.bat all temporary files can be deleted easily.
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