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Virtual Microphone Control and other related Jamoma modules

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This is ViMiC for Jamoma. The modules are free and distributed under the "new BSD license".

To file a bug report or feature request, go to


Peters N., Braasch J., McAdams S. (2011): Sound Spatialization Across Disciplines Using Virtual Microphone Control (ViMiC), Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies (JIMS), Vol. 5(2).

Braasch, J., Peters, N., and Valente, D. L. (2008). A loudspeaker-based projection technique for spatial music applications using virtual microphone control. Computer Music Journal, 32(3):55–71.

Peters, N., Matthews, T., Braasch, J., and McAdams, S. (2008). Spatial Sound Rendering in Max/MSP with ViMiC. In Proc. of the International Computer Music Conference, pages 755–758, Belfast, UK.
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