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An implementation of the Event Aggregator Pattern.

Supports .Net Core (.Net 4.5 & netstandard1.0) running on:

  • .Net Core
  • .Net Framework 4.5 and above
  • Mono & Xamarin
  • UWP
  • Windows 8.0
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows Phone Seilverlight 8.0
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Usage example:

Start by creating an instance of the hub:

IMessageHub hub = new MessageHub();

You can now use the hub to subscribe to any publication of a given type:

Guid token = hub.Subscribe<Person>(p => Console.WriteLine($"Id is: {p.Id}"));
// or    
Action<string> action = message => Console.WriteLine($"Message is: {message}");
Guid anotherToken = hub.Subscribe(action);

You can then use the token to do:

hub.IsSubscribed(token); // returns true
hub.IsSubscribed(token); // returns false

Or you can clear all subscriptions by:


Publication is as easy as:

hub.Publish(new Person { Id = "Foo" });
hub.Publish("An important message");

Error handling:

The hub catches any exception thrown at the time of publication and exposes them via:

hub.RegisterGlobalErrorHandler((token, e) => Console.WriteLine($"Error Publishing, Token: {token} | Exception: {e}"));

Global handler:

The hub allows the registration of a single handler which will receive every message published by the hub. This can be useful in scenarios where every message published should be logged or audited.

hub.RegisterGlobalHandler((type, eventObject) => Console.WriteLine($"Type: {type} - Event: {eventObject}"));

Event throttling:

The hub allows each subscriber to throttle the rate at which it receives the events:

hub.Subscribe<string>(msg => Console.WriteLine($"Message is: {msg}"), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1));

In the above example, if the subscriber receives more than one message within 1 second of another, it drops them.

Inheritance support:

The hub supports inheritance by allowing to subscribe to a base class or an interface and receiving all the publications of types that inherit or implement the subscribed type. For example, given:

public class Order {}
public class NewOrder : Order{}
public class BigOrder : Order{}

A subscriber registering against Ordrer will also receive events of type NewOrder and BigOrder.

More details HERE