Scripts to create a Hip-Hop data set, scraping Spotify,, and Genius.
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DataBased - A Hip-Hop Data Set

DataBased is a set of scripts that will scrape a hip-hop dataset to be used at your discretion. If you do not want to build your own set, exported collections can be found in JSON format in the Raw_JSON archive. To build the set in MongoDB, see


  • Artists

    • genres (array of strings)
    • related artists (array of artists with genres, names, spotify info) (max 20)
    • Spotify ID (as "id")
    • ID on Genius
    • tags (count, url to tag, tag name)
  • Songs

    • title
    • url to lyrics on Genius
    • Genius name of artist associated with song
    • Genius ID of song
  • Lyrics

    • Genius ID of song
    • text
    • title of song


In the Goodies folder, you will find wordclouds generated using, a graph of related artists generated in R, and samples of lyrics generated by neural networks trained on specific artists (using char-rnn) Drake Nicki Mick


  • Scrape audio-features for songs from spotify
  • Run my own analytics, including:
    • swearing metrics for songs/artists
    • unique word counts for artists for set lyric set size
    • references to places
    • etc...