Performs generic behat tests which can be used against any multi-container docker web application
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This container when built runs a very simple behat test against a multi-container docker web application.

It is intended to be a skeleton project, this container gets you up and running with a basic "does the homepage return 200?" test, you are encouraged to fork this project and add your own tests.

How to use

Start your web application:

$ cd my-web-application/
$ docker-compose up

Or, if you are running your containers manually:

$ docker run -d --name my-web-application --expose 80 my-web-application

Now run this "testing container" against it:

$ docker run --rm --link my-web-application:web -e TARGET=http://web nimbleci/docker-base-tester-behat

This will run a very simple behat test which makes sure that the homepage returns a 200 response code.

Now that you're up and running you can fork/copy this project and add your own tests, with Behat you can write comprehensive acceptance and user tests, read more about Behat here.


The container uses the mink-goutte-driver

To keep things simple we use the mink-goutte-driver. There are other drivers that you can use, each have their own pros and cons but they're very easily switched. As mentioned, this container uses the goutte driver which means that Javascript is not executed but tests are fast. Read up on the different drivers and how to switch between them here.