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Lagrangian finite-element code for solid mechanics on next-generation computing platforms.
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NimbleSM is a Lagrangian finite-element code for solid mechanics. Its primary application is the solution of mechanics problems on nonuniform, three-dimensional meshes using either explicit transient dynamic or implicit quasi-static time integration. Additional features include multiscale modeling and the simulation of contact. The NimbleSM code base is designed for performance portability across varying hardware architectures.

NimbleSM may be built with the following optional dependencies:

**** Exodus

Library for I/O. It is highly recommended that you build NimbleSM with exodus support. The alternative is an exceedingly slow text-based I/O system.

**** Kokkos

Performance portability programming ecosystem. Utilized by NimbleSM for improved performance on GPU-based systems and other emerging hardware platforms.

**** Qthreads

Lightweight locality-aware user-level threading runtime. Utilized by NimbleSM for improved performance via on-node accelerators.

**** Trilinos

Algorithms for the solution of large-scale engineering and scientific problems. Utilized by NimbleSM for parallel linear solvers. Required for parallel execution of implicit time integration (quasi-statics).

**** Darma

An asynchronous many task (AMT) programming model and runtime. Not publicly available.

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