A lightweight Android library for creating step by step wizards
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WizarDroid is a lightweight Android library that addresses a feature that Android is surprisingly missing, Wizards. It is built on top of Android's ViewPager to enable slide animation and touch functionality.

Key advantages:

  • Built-in basic wizard layout with paging and slide animation
  • Wizard context for persisting data in the wizard
  • Support for nested fragments
  • Wizard's flow is defined in one place and can be maintained easily
  • Simple API for controlling wizard's flow in runtime

For more information refer to the Wiki pages on github or check out the bundled sample project.

Use with Gradle

dependencies {
    compile 'org.codepond:wizardroid:1.3.1'


Fork and create a pull request. Also don't forget to update the documentation located in the docs/ folder. Thanks!


WizarDroid is developed and maintained by Nimrod Dayan (CodePond.org). Feedback is warmly welcome: feedback@codepond.org or open an issue on Github.


WizarDroid is available under the MIT License.