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  1. ModPackDownloader

    Simple downloader/updater for Minecraft Forge Modpacks. Works with Curse manifest JSONs.

    Java 34 3

  2. Nincraft-Launcher

    Forked from SKCraft/Launcher

    A custom Minecraft launcher for installing modpacks for the Nincraft server

    Java 1

  3. Nincraft-Modpack-Template

    Nincraft's template for making a Minecraft Forge modpack.

    Batchfile 1

  4. NincraftElectricBoogaloo2RevengeoftheFallen

    A Minecraft 1.7.10 mod pack for the Nincraft whitelist server.

    JavaScript 7 1

  5. NincraftLib

    A Minecraft Forge library mod for Nincraft modpacks

    Java 3 1

  6. NincraftElectricBoogaloo3TheLightAmongTheLongForgottenDarkness

    A Minecraft Forge 1.10.2 mod pack for the Nincraft whitelist server

    Batchfile 1

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