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Nineva Studios

Developing Unity, Unreal Engine 4 SDKs, custom plugins, AR/VR and other interactive experiences


  1. mqtt-utilities-unreal mqtt-utilities-unreal Public

    MqttUtilities is a plugin for Unreal Engine intended to expose MQTT client functionality to blueprints

    C++ 144 52

  2. ble-utilities-unreal ble-utilities-unreal Public

    This is Unreal Engine plugin that allows to scan for BLE devices with Cycling Power service running, connect to one of them and subscribe for its notifications.

    C++ 60 17

  3. nineva-docs nineva-docs Public

    Documentation for Nineva studios Unreal Engine and Unity plugins


  4. yodo-mas-unreal yodo-mas-unreal Public

    Unreal Engine 4 plugin for Yodo1 MAS (Managed Ad Services) integration. Used for ad monetization of games.

    C++ 2 1


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