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NinevehGL is a 3D Engine made to Apple's platforms
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Oficial website

You can find more info, tutorials, sample project and a community forum at


NinevehGL is compatible with iOS 7 or later. NinevehGL is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:


pod "NinevehGL"

Now just add to your Prefix Header (.pch):

#import "NinevehGL.h"


1.0.0 (future)

  • Major Release
  • NGL Binary Conversor (On-line)

0.9.9 (future)

  • Physics system

0.9.8 (future)

  • Particle system

0.9.7 (future)

  • Real time Shadow and Reflections.
  • Bone, Rigging and Animations.
  • Mesh Morph.

0.9.6 (future)

  • Metal compatibility
  • Vulkan compatibility
  • OpenGL ES 3 compatibility

0.9.5 (future)

  • Swift made
  • Modular (Packages)
  • Nodes

0.9.4 (future)

  • Full Touch API.
  • You can add gesture recognizers to 3D objects. The same gestures of UIKit.
  • NinevehGL can tell which specific surface of a mesh is being touched.
  • There are 3 different kind of touch recognition with different kind of precisions and performance.
  • The background color is now the same as UIKit view, in fact they are now the same thing.
  • Bug fixed on "compileCoreMesh" flicking.
  • Bug fixed on custom shaders Attributes/Uniforms.

0.9.3 - Sat, March 10 2012

  • Full MultiThreading.
  • It's more than just MultiThread safe!
  • NinevehGL works on private threads, letting the main-thread free.
  • Loading and Parsing 3D files are done on many background threads, don't affecting the render threads.
  • Loading/Parsing threads can send notifications about its own progress.
  • NinevehGL automatically creates and manages its threads.
  • AR Ready. The Qualcomm AR is now natively supported by NinevehGL. Perfect integration.
  • New NGLGroup3D. You can set a group with any kind of NGLObject3D.
  • The NinevehGL's old limit of ~120.000 triangles per mesh is improved to ~4 billions.
  • The NinevehGL accepts non-POT textures and there is no size limits anymore.
  • New features on NinevehGL Tween API (NGLTween).
  • New Tutorials and Sample projects.
  • New installer. NinevehGL has now Xcode 4 templates.
  • Lens methods on NGLCamera has changed.
  • Many methods on NGLMesh has changed.
  • More rotation options to all 3D objects.
  • The antialias filter has now a global property.
  • Bug fixed on Retina Displays.
  • Bug fixed on armv6 architecture.
  • Bug fixed on NGLTween pause.
  • Bug fixed on Alpha blending (PNG).
  • Bug fixed on Mesh scale (appearing in black).
  • Bug fixed on Screenshots (off-screen renders).
  • Bug fixed on Orthographic projection (NGLCamera).

0.9.2 - Wed, Sep 14 2011

  • New Interactive API.
  • Camera auto adjust to device orientation.
  • Draw directly to an image (UIImage), texture (NGLTexture) or data (NSData as image).
  • New Tween API.
  • Create tweens to move any scalar properties of your objects.
  • Use predefined ease functions or create your own ease equation.
  • The new copying methods "copy" and "copyInstance".
  • NGLTexture also accepts UIImage instances.
  • Major improvements on render cycle.
  • Major improvements on Shaders.
  • Automatically Handles background application.
  • Some changes on methods and classes' names.
  • The Frame Rate (FPS) becomes a global property.
  • Import settings also have global properties.
  • Full remake of NinevehGL Docs.
  • Bug fixed on textures with spaces in OBJ files.
  • Bug fixed on "minimum" values of the NGLMesh's BoundingBox.
  • Bug fixed on transparent layer (RGBA).
  • Bug fixed on Collada files from XSI.
  • Bug fixed on reinitializing the same NGLView.

0.9.1 - Tue, Jun 28 2011

  • Bug fixed: "Flickering Mesh".
  • Small optimization in fragment shaders.

0.9.0 - Wed, Jun 22 2011

  • NinevehGL goes public - Open Beta.




This software is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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