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First of all, thank you for this superb framework.

It would be a nice addition if the framework supports some kind of bulk insertion mechanism.

See example below:
Operation INSERT_NAME_1K = insertInto(TRAN)
.withGeneratedValue("ID", ValueGenerators.sequence().startingAt(1L).incrementingBy(1))
.columns("NAME", "ADDRESS")
.values("Donald", "Duckstad")
.valuesToRepeat("Donald", "Donald").times(1000)

jnizet commented Jun 19, 2015

Well, it does. Not with that syntax of course, but using a simple loop:

Insert.Builder builder = insertInto(TRAN)
    .withGeneratedValue("ID", ValueGenerators.sequence().startingAt(1L).incrementingBy(1))
    .columns("NAME", "ADDRESS")
    .values("Donald", "Duckstad");
for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
    builder.values("Donald", "Donald");
Operation INSERT_NAME_1K =;

Your suggested syntax is of course prettier, although less flexible. Do you have to do that often? I personally had to do that once, and thus didn't really feel the need for such a feature. But if you can convince me it's useful, why not.


I agree with you that the desired requirement can be be fulfilled with a for loop.

For readability and maintainability reasons I think its a nice feature to have. You can construct with one statement the desired operation without using any, ugly, for loop and writing extra code.

I hope this convinces you :)


@jnizet jnizet closed this in db11e04 Jun 26, 2015
jnizet commented Jun 26, 2015

@PeterWolters FYI, I just release version 1.6.0, containing this feature, which should be available soon in Maven central. See


@jnizet , Glad to see that my arguments convinced you! Thank you very much for implementing this neat feature!

Kind regards,

Peter Wolters.

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