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Escape from prison using your awesome running ability (game written in Scheme).
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It's a game (or at least, will be!) written in the Scheme programming language. You are a prisoner on the run. The goal is to escape by running past the various officers (prison officers, police officers, border patrol officers (is that the right name?) etc etc) through the different levels without getting caught.

Basic Idea

You'll start out in a prison yard, and go through various different terrains (fields, woods, maybe even a river, the mexican border, etc).

As you progress through the different terrains/levels the number of inmates/fellow prisoners also trying to escape with you will decrease (as more and more get caught). This will make it harder since the cops : prisoner ratio will be balanced more and more against you. Each level will likely include more officers than the previous but I'm unsure of the fine details of that since that is something that needs to be tweaked during testing.

As things will get harder, and I can't see it being possible once there are a certain number of officers vs you, I'll probably add some various pickups in the game: speed and stealth just to name a couple (I swear I had more!)

Had some more ideas, one of which was having a level where dogs chase you based on a scent you will leave. Also maybe giving officers a line of sight so you are not just being hunted down by a hoarde of officers on each level all the time, that's more like a zombie game, lol. Adding things like trees/bushes that you can hide behind.


As I said previously, the game will be written in Scheme. I am pretty new to using Scheme for anything except following along to SICP :P

Essentially what I'm saying is that I don't really know the best way to describe this, but I am using PLT Scheme. Development done mostly in DrScheme using the “Advanced Student” language (/teachpack??? see what I mean)… so about the only advice I can give for running it, is to open DrScheme and open the file from there, and that should work - provided you are using a relatively new version (v372 didn't work for me, and I am using v 4.2.4 right now - which does work, obviously, lol).


Only 1 level so far. Currently you can walk through walls, lol, but collision detection between the player and officers are there. Officers try and make an effort to catch you. Winning condition and losing condition are pretty much implemented for the first draft of the game. It's coming together, technically all I need to do is add collision detection for the walls and it is a done game. Needs serious polish though.

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