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Thanks for taking a look at MoPub! We take pride in having an easy-to-use, flexible monetization solution that works across multiple platforms.

Sign up for an account at

Need Help?

You can find integration documentation on our wiki and additional help documentation on our developer help site.

To file an issue with our team, email

Please Note: We no longer accept GitHub Issues

New Pull Requests?

Thank you for submitting pull requests to the MoPub iOS GitHub repository. Our team regularly monitors and investigates all submissions for inclusion in our official SDK releases. Please note that MoPub does not directly merge these pull requests at this time. Please reach out to your account team or if you have further questions.


MoPub SDK 4.16 and above integrates technology from our partners Integral Ad Science, Inc. (“IAS”) and Moat, Inc. (“Moat”) in order to support viewability measurement and other proprietary reporting that IAS and Moat provide to their advertiser and publisher clients. You have the option to remove or disable this technology by following the opt-out instructions below.

If you do not remove or disable IAS's and/or Moat’s technology in accordance with these instructions, you agree that IAS's privacy policy and license and Moat’s privacy policy, terms, and license, respectively, apply to your integration of these partners' technologies into your application.


The MoPub SDK is distributed as source code that you can include in your application. MoPub provides two prepackaged archives of source code:

  • MoPub Base

    Includes everything you need to serve HTML, MRAID, and Native MoPub advertisements. Third party ad networks are not included.

  • MoPub Base SDK Excluding

    Includes everything you need to serve HTML and MRAID advertisements. Third party ad networks and Native MoPub advertisements are not included.

The current version of the SDK is 5.0.0


Integration instructions are available on the wiki.

More detailed class documentation is available in the repo under the ClassDocumentation folder. This can be viewed online too.

New in this Version

Please view the changelog for details.

  • Features

    • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) update to support a way for publishers to determine GDPR applicability and to obtain and manage consent from users in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland to serve personalized ads.
    • New SDK initialization method to initialize consent management and rewarded video ad networks. Required for receiving personalized ads. In future versions of the SDK, initialization will be required to receive ads.
    • Updated the networking stack to use NSURLSession in place of the deprecated NSURLConnection.
    • Updated ad requests to use POST instead of GET.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Renamed the /MoPubSDK/Native Ads/ folder to /MoPubSDK/NativeAds/.
    • Removed the usage of deprecated shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation.

See the Getting Started Guide for instructions on setting up ATS in your app.

Upgrading to SDK 5.0

Please see the Getting Started Guide for instructions on upgrading from SDK 4.X to SDK 5.0.

For GDPR-specific upgrading instructions, also see the GDPR Integration Guide.

Disabling Viewability Measurement

There are a few options for opting out of viewability measurement:

Opting Out in a Manual Integration

Before dragging the MoPubSDK folder into your Xcode project, simply delete the “Moat” folder to opt out of Moat or the “Avid” folder to opt out of IAS in MoPubSDK/Viewability/. If you would like to opt out of both, delete both folders.

Opting Out in a CocoaPods Integration

Including pod 'mopub-ios-sdk' in your Podfile will include both IAS and Moat SDKs, as well as the MoPub SDK. In order to opt out:

  • pod 'mopub-ios-sdk/Avid' will include the IAS SDK, but not the Moat SDK, as well as the MoPub SDK.
  • pod 'mopub-ios-sdk/Moat' will include the Moat SDK, but not the IAS SDK, as well as the MoPub SDK.
  • pod 'mopub-ios-sdk/Core' will only include the MoPub SDK, with viewability measurement totally disabled.

Make sure to run pod update once your Podfile is set up to your preferences.

Software Disable

If you would like to opt out of viewability measurement but do not want to modify the MoPub SDK, a function is provided for your convenience. As soon as possible after calling - (void)initializeSdkWithConfiguration:completion:, call [[MoPub sharedInstance] disableViewability:(vendors)]. In place of “(vendors)”, MPViewabilityOptionIAS will disable IAS but leave Moat enabled, MPViewabilityOptionMoat will disable Moat but leave IAS enabled, and MPViewabilityOptionAll will disable all viewability measurement.


  • iOS 8.0 and up
  • Xcode 9.0 and up


We have launched a new license as of version 3.2.0. To view the full license, visit


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