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  1. software requires java 8, download it from here
  2. Download the latest release
  3. Update the firmware

Software guide

Start from here

Status LEDs

  • Green:
    • on: operating normally
    • blinking: Firmware updater is active
    • fading: Bootloader is active
    • off: is not powered or processing data
  • Yellow:
    • on: Output relay is closed
    • off: Output relay is open
  • Blue:
    • on: WiFi is connected
    • blinking: WiFi is connecting
    • off: WiFi is off
  • Red:
    • on: is overloaded (overcurrent or overvoltage)
    • blinking: Neutral and Live are swapped
    • off: is operating within specs specs

  • Maximum voltage: 390Vdc or 275Vac
  • Maximum current: 10A (15A unfused)
  • Frequency: 10Hz to 500Hz power consumption is powered from the USB connector, 5V only.
Current consumption:

  • USB only: 40mA
  • Output relay: +90mA
  • CAN communication: +50mA
  • WiFi: +80mA

Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram

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