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[] ( - Fantasy Football Meets Hip Hop

Open Sourced Files

Made public a couple of the most important files from the private repo:

Game Background

Video Summary

An [awesome video] ( which summarizes It was produced by HackCville Media - a UVA club which chronicles the story of entrepreneurial people and projects.

Full Background

As a life long music fan ([and former DJ!] (, I have always been interested in discovering artists and songs before they were 'hot'. Nothing was better than that feeling of discovering an underground artist who blows up a year later. I wanted to make a game around that feeling - a game centered around predicting which rappers would become popular. And so with what little Python I knew I embarked on my first major individual coding project during my sophmore year of college winter break & spring semester (Dec'14 - Apr'15).

I made the game mechanics similar to Fantasy Football or a virtual stock market game. Players would draft/invest in rappers who they think will become succesful. An [algorithm] ( on my end would keep track of the popularity of all the artists. Players could see how well they were doing and compete for rewards and bragging rights.


At its peak had 2,000 Monthly Active Users with an average user session time of 6 minutes and 30 seconds. We entered the idea into the [Darden Business School's Effectual De-Risking Competition] ( and won 2nd place + $1500. We also got to pitch to Alexis Ohanian, YC Partner and Reddit Co-Founder, who was pretty impressed with our average user session time!

Tech Stack

  • Python / Django
  • Hosted on Heroku
  • PostgreSQL
  • JQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap

About - Fantasy Football Meets Hip Hop. Peaked at 2,000 MAU.



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