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OpenApps PHP Modules.

Openapps contains some reusable and lightweight components, which is designed for rapid development of LAMP-based web applictions.


Some primary feature components.
  • common.php - providing several common functions for all other components.
  • NirlLog.php - saving log data into error_log and/or mysql db.
  • NrlrlSession - providing some enhanced features adding to basic php session.
  • NirlSQLi - providing a more friendly programming interface basing on mysqli of php.
  • NirlMemcached - generating a memcached instance by name according to configuration.
  • NirlShield - providing a simple protection mechanism to the server.
  • NirlAuth - implementing a Digest authentication service.
  • NirlService - providing a small framework to easily develop a http service component.


A simple web MVC framework.
  • minifx.js - providing a simple view check/update mechanism, which support both full and incremental update.
  • minifx.php - the base class to implement backend services to provide data to view.