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This is a small library for Java to do calculations on very large numbers, for example on numbers ranging from 100s-1000s digits. It basically combines BigInteger and BigDecimal data types of Java and provides coherent methods to work with large numbers. This library is free to use, modify and distribute under Apache 2.0 license. For more information, please read API documentation. Please be informed that online API Documentation will always be updated to the latest version hence API documentation for older versions may not be found online, however after installing this library, there won't be any need to refer to online documentation at all. This library has following features:

  • Provides powerful methods to do full arithmetic calculations on large numbers using optimized algorithms
  • Provides a data-type Big to create large numbers. This data-type eliminates the hassle of using Biginteger and Bigdecimal of Java.
  • Very small in size and provides powerful features which not available in inbuilt Java bignum library.
  • Integrates with almost all sort of Java projects flawlessly. To read how to install read Install guide.
  • No need to look for the online API documentation as its javadoc.jar is also available on the same download page.
  • It uses semantic versioning so you can be sure about the compatibility with your project when upgrading to any new version of this library.


JDK: 1.7 or above. It may also work for all JDK 1.5+ versions, however full compatibility is not verified for 1.5 and 1.6.
Memory: No minimum requirement
Disk Space: No minimum requirement
Processor: No minimum requirement

Download and Install guide

This API has stable releases and also is getting developed by adding new features.
Please visit Download and/or Installation page to download it.

Report an issue

The lists of Known issues are given below. You can also add new issues on these pages.

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