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Arduino Dashboard

Create a dashboard and a data logger for Arduino in javascript with node-serialport library. Under 250 lines of code!! 😁



Serialport selector: A graphical user interface component that allows you to select the serialport for your Arduino.

Dashboard: A dashboard that prints the real time values on the screen and also draws charts.

Datalogger: A data logger that will read data from arduino and save it on your computer in csv format.

Getting started

  • Clone this repository
  • cd examples/arduino-dashboard
  • Upload the arduino.ino file to the arduino.
  • Open project file arduino-dashboard.qrk to edit project, or build file to run the project in Quark.

Running the project

  • Open the build file in Quark.
  • Press ctrl+p and select the COM port of your arduino from the serial port selector.

  • To start the data logger, open the commands palette by pressing ctrl+shift+p, and select Datalogger: Start command. You will see a notification on the bottom right of your screen if the logger was started.
  • To stop the data logger, open the commands palette and select command Datalogger: Stop. This will open a save dialog where you can enter the path of the file where you want to save your data.

Going further

Here are some ideas on how it can be improved using other Quark API's.

  • Add buttons on status bar to start or stop data logger.
  • Convert the bar chart into a pie chart.
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