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Create a project in Java using Apache Maven Build tool via Command Line.
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Apache Maven (Command Line)

Creating a Simple Java Project name: mvn-cmd 😄

Step 1: Create the java project

Syntax: mvn archetype:generate -DartifactId=my-app -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-quickstart -DarchetypeVersion=1.4 -DinteractiveMode=false

Explanation: For beginners,
Only two things are of concern:
1) Group ID: This will be our package name.
2) Artifact ID: This is our project name (mvn-cmd)


Step 2: Check the Directory Structure of created project

At the source folder of the project:
1) src/ 
It contains two folders:
1.1) main/ 
It is used to create codes in java
1.2) test/
It is used to create JUnit Test cases
2) pom.xml 
Pom.xml is the mail build file of the maven!


Step 3: Change the source code (and file name) as you want to make

Go to /src/main/java/pkg1
NOTE: pkg1 is the package name we defined while creating the project.
Always include package name in the code.
Modify the file 
Rename to the file name you want.


Step 4: Clean the project area

Syntax: mvn clean

Before start building a project, it is necessary to delete old configuration files.
mvn clean command is used to delete the target/ folder.


Step 5: Compile the Project source code

Syntax: mvn compile

This command is used to check whether the source code we wrote in java file is correct syntactically or not.


Step 6: Unit Testing

Syntax: mvn test

This work is tricky. 
You must know how to create JUnit Test cases.
You need to define the Unit Test cases in /src/test/pkg1


Step 7: Install (Build the Project)

Checks the Maven Configuration in pom.xml file
Creates the project build.
Creates jar file in target/ folder which can be deployed


Step 8: Site

Syntax: mvn site

Maven Site command is used to create GUI reports
It creates reports in format of web pages in HTML+CSS format.
Site Reports are stored in /target/site


Here is one Web Page of Site Report


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