API for patient registration and scheduling a consultation using domain driven design
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#Hospital simulator



  • A program that simulates a hospital.
  • Treatment room: a room has a unique name. A room can be equipped with a treatment machine.
  • Treatment machine: a treatment machine has a unique name and a capability. Capabilities can be Advanced or Simple.
  • Doctor: a doctor has a name and a set of roles. A role can be Oncologist or General Practitioner.
  • Patient: a patient has a name and a condition.
  • Condition: a condition can be Cancer or Flu. A cancer condition has a topography. Topographies can be Head & Neck or Breast.
  • Consultation: a consultation has a patient, doctor, treatment room, registration date and consultation date.

Business Rules

Each day, a number of patients are registered at the hospital. Each time a patient is registered, a consultation should be scheduled at the first available date.

  • The consultation occurs in a treatment room with a doctor.
  • Cancer patients must see oncologists flu patients must see general practitioners.
  • Oncologists must meet their patients in a room with a treatment machine.
    • Head & Neck patients need a machine with Advanced capability.
    • Breast patients need a treatment machine with Advanced or Simple capability.
  • All consultations take a full day. A consultation may not be scheduled on the same day as the patient is registered.
  • Consultations may be scheduled on any calendar day. Resources may not be doublebooked.

API shall set up the hospital with its resources and simulate the flow of patient registrations.

  • Patient registration
  • Get the list of registred patients
  • Get the list of scheduled consultations

Initialize the service with the following resources:

"Doctors" : [ 
  { "Name" : "John", "Roles" : [ "Oncologist" ] },  
  { "Name" : "Anna", "Roles" : [ "GeneralPractitioner" ] },  
  { "Name" : "Laura", "Roles" : [ "Oncologist", "GeneralPractitioner" ] }  

"TreatmentMachines" : [  
  { "Name" : "MachineA", "Capability" : "Advanced" },  
  { "Name" : "MachineB", "Capability" : "Advanced" },  
  { "Name" : "MachineC", "Capability" : "Simple" }  

"TreatmentRooms" : [  
  { "Name" : "RoomOne" },  
  { "Name" : "RoomTwo" }, 
  { "Name" : "RoomThree", "TreatmentMachine" : "MachineA" },  
  { "Name" : "RoomFour", "TreatmentMachine" : "MachineB" },  
  { "Name" : "RoomFive", "TreatmentMachine" : "MachineC" } 
```# HospitalSimulator-with-Domain-Driven-Design