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  1. nflow nflow Public

    Embeddable JVM-based workflow engine with high availability, fault tolerance, and support for multiple databases. Additional libraries are provided for visualization and REST API.

    Java 168 36

  2. RobotFramework-EclipseIDE RobotFramework-EclipseIDE Public

    Developing an Eclipse IDE for the Robot Framework test automation tool

    Java 68 53

  3. DomainReverseMapper DomainReverseMapper Public

    Automatically generate Graphviz diagram from your domain classes

    Java 28 106

  4. java8-utils java8-utils Public

    Utilities for Java 8 streams etc.

    Java 26 11

  5. CoreComponents CoreComponents Public

    Nitor Creations Core Components

    Java 22 10

  6. matchers matchers Public

    Hamcrest 1.3 Utility Matchers

    Java 19 2


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