Hamcrest 1.3 Utility Matchers
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Hamcrest 1.3 Utility Matchers

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The static factory methods for all matchers are generated to com.nitorcreations.Matchers class for easy access.


The package contains the following matchers:

  • CollectionMatchers
  • containsElements(Collection<E>) - matches that the target collection contains exactly the same items in exactly the same order
  • containsElementsInAnyOrder(Collection<E>) - matches that the target collection contains exactly the same items in any order
  • hasItemsOf(Collection<T> items) - matches that the target collection contains all of the items in the given collection. The collection may also contain other items.
  • hasNoDuplicates(Class<T>) - matches that the target collection contains no duplicates. The class parameter is to ensure generics work without unchecked casts.
  • emptyList() - matches empty lists
  • MapMatchers
  • emptyMap() - matches empty maps
  • HasItemAtIndex
  • hasFirstItem(Matcher<T> item)
  • hasLastItem(Matcher<T> item)
  • hasItemAtIndex(Matcher<T> item)
  • IteratorMatcher
  • iteratorThat(Iterable<T>)- wraps Iterable<T> matchers to work with Iterator<T>
  • ReflectionEqualsMatcher
  • reflectEquals(T target, String... excludedFields) - matches reflectively (shallow) that all fields except excludedFields are equal
  • SerializableMatcher
  • serializable() - matches that the given object can be serialized and deserialized
  • StringMatchers
  • containsIgnoreCase(String)
  • FieldMatchers
  • hasField(String fieldName) object has field with name fieldName
  • hasField(String fieldName, Matcher<?> valueMatcher) object has a field with name fieldName and its value matches the valueMatcher


Available in Maven central repository. Add this to your pom.xml



New matchers are welcomed as pull requests, as long as they are properly unit tested.

If you add new matcher classes, be sure to add @Factory annotations to the static factory methods, and remember to add the new class to the matchers.xml file. This will ensure that the factory methods will be accessible in the common com.nitorcreations.Matchers class.


public final class HasItemAtIndex<X> extends TypeSafeDiagnosingMatcher<Iterable<X>> {
    public static <T> Matcher<Iterable<T>> hasFirstItem(Matcher<T> item) {
        return new HasItemAtIndex<T>(0, item);

And the corresponding row in matchers.xml:

    <factory class="com.nitorcreations.matchers.HasItemAtIndex"/>