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Play our demo!
Public Discord Server (mandatory for participating in the collab)

We're creating a Touhou fangame full of fast-paced microgames in the style of WarioWare, and we're letting you participate and add your own personal touch!

Contribute your creations to a game without the hassle of committing to a long-term project. You can do what you do best while we take care of the rest for you! No experience or crazy skills needed, just interest!

Signup is noncomittal, so if you're unsure of your availability there's no harm in applying. Everyone who applies will get a chance to participate, but there may be a wait. We'll do our best to work around your schedule, but for the most part it's first-come first-serve so get it while it's hot!

Sign up here!

Microgame Programmer Signup

Microgame Artist Signup

Microgame Musician Signup

Localizer Signup

NEW Cutscene Signup: Lots of different skills needed! Details inside.

Feel free to apply to multiple forms if you can do more than one medium. Check out the FAQ below if you want more info on how this works, or feel free to contact us on social media or at

Whether you want to contribute or not, our Discord server is public if you're interested in seeing the development first-hand or suggest things for the game. And if you have any cool ideas for microgames, suggest them in this form and new microgame teams will be able to see what you suggest!


Most of these don't apply to localizers. Read the localizer form for more details on that.

Q: This sounds hard. Do I need to know a lot about making games?

A: No you don't! In fact, it's not hard at all! It's just like any other collab but with some rules to keep in mind. These games are very simple and allow for a lot of creativity, and our team is happy to help you figure out how you should go about your part. We even have people acting as consultants who are willing to give feedback for your work if you want it. So don't sweat it!

Q: How much will I get to do?

A: Everyone in the collab will be assigned at least one microgame to work on. We're going to try to give more to those interested, but it's only fair that everyone signed up gets to work on one first. Each game is only a couple seconds long when you play it, but each has three different difficulties. What changes between those difficulties is up to you, so you could potentially decide to make three games worth of content.

Q: What decides what my microgame is about and who I make it with?

A: A programmer, an artist, and a musician are all assigned to work on a microgame at once, and they all have to agree on a premise for a microgame (mostly between the artist and programmer) and have it approved. You can either choose from this list or submit your own idea here. If your team needs any help coming up with ideas, we'd be glad to recommend some for you!

Q: When do I get to start?

A: We'll be doing our best to make sure everyone gets a team and a game to work on as soon as we can, but making games takes time and their may be a shortage of one type of collaborator compared to another, so there might be a little bit of a wait. Your patience is appreciated!

Q: I want to participate but I'm really busy right now.

(Heeyyy, that's not a question) A: No problemo! We ask you what your availability's like in signup so we can plan around that. We'll be working on this game for quite a while, so we can wait for your schedule to free up. If you're interested, just sign up now so you don't have to wait too long when you're finally ready. Worst case scenario, you can drop whenever.

Q: What if I can't agree on an idea with the rest of my team? Will I have to go as soon as it's my turn?

A: Not at all! If you prefer not to start your part quite yet, or if you can't get the current game off the ground, then you can choose to hold off until a later microgame. Or you can just drop out of the collab if you really need to.

Q: I'd prefer not to join the Discord server. How will I talk to people?

A: We'll work out a way for you. The most important thing is for the programmer and artist to communicate, so at the very least you'll need to be able to have a direct line to them if you're an artist or programmer yourself.

Q: I'm an artist. Will I be able to draw in my own style?

A: Yes, yes, YES! Microgames are incredibly varied and we want to see all your art styles shine in this game! You don't even have to do digital art. As long as we can work out some way to get your art into a game, the sky is the limit, so do whatever you're comfortable with.

Q: I'm a programmer. What is this game being made in?

A: This game is being made using the Unity Engine and all code submissions must be done via pull requests in our github repo. If you're not experienced with github or Unity, don't sweat it! We'll help you out along the way as long as you're willing to learn.

Q: I'm a musician. How does music work here?

A: Each microgame will have a short BGM track that's about 3-5 seconds long. Some microgames may have more than one track because of the three difficulties, but there's not a whole lot of work to be done unfortunately. If you want to make more, we'll try our best to let you work on more than just one microgame or possibly compose other music for the game.

Q: Can I contribute to things in the game that aren't part of the collab?

A: Sure! However, demand will vary depending on what we need right now so we might not have a position for everyone. The best thing to do would be to join the Discord, otherwise just contact us if you want to offer your skills in another way besides the collab.

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