This repository contains a docker container dedicated to reverse engineering
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This Dockerfile builds an Ubuntu-based Docker container, specially configured for reverse-engineering.

A quick and easy way to deploy a 32/64 bits UNIX environement platform on any box, including Linux, MacOS or Windows!

Tools installed:

  • gdb with peda layer
  • radare2
  • strace
  • valgrind
  • uncompyle6
  • fish shell
  • pwntools
  • tmux

Prebuild image

You can pull the official image from the dockerhub registry using the following command:

docker pull nitr4x/reversing


To build the container, just use this command:

docker build -t reversing .

Docker will download the Ubuntu image and then execute the installation steps.

Be patient, the process can be quite long the first time.


Once the build process is over, get and enjoy your new reversing platform !

docker run -it --rm -v CHALLENGE_PATH:/tmp/data --name reversing reversing YOUR_SHELL


  • We mount a shared folder to simplify the data exchange between the container and the host
  • We delete the container when exited

Of course, it is up to you to adjust it to your taste or need.

Note: Don't forget to regularly pull this repository for updates.