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Swig C# and Python bindings for FireBreath

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A small library to interface FireBreath's JSAPI with C#/.Net and Python.

This way you can embed JavaScript objects into your browser which are C#/Python scripted.

For more information about FireBreath see .


After cloning this repository, you first need to generate the makefiles:

cd tests
..\FireBreath\prep2008 . ..\FireBreath

You can then open the generated Visual Studio Solution (on Windows) at:


Next step is building v8. This was a bity hairy on my machine. Get the neccessary dependencies as listed here:

Then I had to open a shell and execute

"c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Vc\vcvarsall.bat"
scons mode=debug env="PATH:%PATH%,INCLUDE:%INCLUDE%,LIB:%LIB%"

This builds the v8 static debug library.

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