Firmware for the Nitrokey Pro device
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Nitrokey Pro firmware Build Status Code Health Coverity Scan Build


make [VID=0x20a0] [PID=0x4108] firmware


  • VID: Define Vendor ID
  • PID: Define Product ID



  1. export OPENOCD_BIN=<path-to-openocd-bin-folder> && ./ or edit the script directly to contain OPENOCD_BIN=<path-to-openocd-bin-folder>
  2. make flash-vesaloon

(TODO: For now it has a bug. Run it once, then kill it with Ctrl-C, then re-run it and it should flash the image)

A proper OpenOCD (patched for SWD) seems to be this one:

or this one which is configured for automake 1.14:


  1. When using the MCU's bootloader use STM Boot Loader Demonstrator or stm32flash under Linux.
  2. Read-protect the flash

sudo stm32flash -w crypto.hex -v /dev/ttyUSB0