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Chris Williams <chris@nitron.org>


django-cas-provider is a provider for the Central Authentication Service. It supports CAS version 1.0. It allows remote services to authenticate users for the purposes of Single Sign-On (SSO). For example, a user logs into a CAS server (provided by django-cas-provider) and can then access other services (such as email, calendar, etc) without re-entering her password for each service. For more details, see the CAS wiki and Single Sign-On on Wikipedia.


To install, run the following command from this directory:

python setup.py install

Or, put cas_provider somewhere on your Python path.


  1. Add 'cas_provider' to your INSTALLED_APPS tuple in settings.py.
  2. In settings.py, set LOGIN_URL to '/cas/login/' and LOGOUT_URL to '/cas/logout/'
  3. In urls.py, put the following line: (r'^cas/', include('cas_provider.urls')),
  4. Create login/logout templates (or modify the samples)