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Bug Repository for Nitrux 1.0.x Releases
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Bug Repository for Nitrux 1.0.x Releases

NOTE: Bugs for Nitrux 1.1.x can be reported here

How to report bugs

Nitrux uses GitHub to keep track of bugs and their fixes.

Determine if the bug is really a bug

You should not file a bug if you are:

  1. Requesting new software.
  2. Discussing features, existing policy, proposing features, or ideas. If you are a Patreon Supporter please head over here instead.
  3. Filing a bug against software not provided by Nitrux.

Submitting a Bug

Before submitting a bug, you should look at the existing bug reports and release notes to verify the bug hasn’t been reported already. If the bug has not already been reported, you should file a new bug report.

It's important that you specify three things:

  1. What you expected to happened
  2. What actually happened
  3. If possible, a minimal series of steps necessary to make it happen, where step 1 is "start the program"


Some extra options you can use to make your bug report more complete:

  1. This bug is a security vulnerability: Please check this only if your bug report describes a behaviour that could be exploited to compromise your security or safety, as well as cause issues such as identity theft or "hi-jacking".

  2. Include an attachment: add supporting attachments to explain or help others reproduce the bug. This might include a screenshot, a video capture of the problem or a sample document that triggers the fault.