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Best Podcasts streaming add-on for Stremio (HQ, All genres, All languages)
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Podcast For All
Podcasts For All

Stream the Best Podcasts Listening Experience to Stremio

🏆 Winner of the Stremio Add-On Competition 2019 🏆

Our VisionKey FeaturesHow to UseDev SetupContactAdd-On MasterStremio add-on SDK

Podcasts For All - have fun, be smart.

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We are making our best efforts to bring you the best podcasts resources.
If you like our addon, you can help us by donate and become a backer.

Our Vision

Deliver the best listening experience to the most verstile & high-quality podcasts
right to your daily use media platform - Stremio

Key Features

  • Best podcasts worldwide (smart filters and ordering) 🏆
    • All genres & types
    • All languages & regions 🏰 🗼
  • Podcast catalogs: 📁
    • Top Podcasts
    • By Genres
    • By Country
    • By Mood
    • By Trend
    • Felling Luckey - Random podcast
  • Search for podcasts 🔍
  • Extra details 🔖
    • Podcast length
    • Podcast website
    • Social Platforms refrences (Facebook, Spotify and more)
  • Stream HQ audio right to your device 🎧
    • Cast the podcast to available devices

Screenshot - Main Podcasts Catalog:

Podcasts Catalog

Screenshot - Select Episode:

Podcasts Epidsodes

How to Use

  • Open your Stremio client 💻📱
  • Install the addon:
    • Go to addons (usually it's up there ↗️), search for this addon and click Install
    • Or choose one of the alternatives:
  • Now go back ◀️ and then go to Discover 🔭
  • Our top podcasts are under the Podcasts catalog
  • You can now filter your podcasts by Genre or Country (Each one represented as sub-catalog) 🎭
  • If you like to take risks - Try out our FeelingLucky catalog (who knows, maybe you will find your one) 🎢
  • You can also Search for specific podcast using the search field above ⬆️🔎
  • Inside each podcast page you will find:
    • alot of details about the podcast and the contant
    • All the avialable Episodes of the selected podcast
  • When you select an Episode you can:
    • Stream the episode right to your stremio
    • Go to the podcast website
    • Get the podcast RSS
    • Get to know your podcast via his social network accounts
  • Now you are ready to go by yourself. Enjoy! 🎉

We hope you have the great Podcast Listening Experience of your life! 🌈

Setup for Development

  • Now it's time for some preperation
# Clone this repository

# Go into the repository
$ cd podcasts-for-all

# Install dependencies
$ npm install
  • Set your .env file like that:
+# VERSION= [Addon Version]
+# ENVIRONMENT= [development/production]
+# LOG_LEVEL= [Logger level- such as: trace, debug, error...]
+# LOGGER_TOKEN= [Your Logzio api` token]
+# LOGGER_HOST= [Destination host name]
+# LOGGER_INCLUDE_DEBUG= [Should the logger print debug messages]

Our Team

Podcasts For All Team

Support and Contact

Podcast For All © 2019+, DE, NM Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by DE, NM. with help from contributors.

GitHub @Niv
GitHub @Doron Eli
Contact us via mail:

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