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Kevin Yen

Kevin Yen

Research Engineer @ Yahoo!

(614)264-9941 ⸱ yenkevin1203(at) ⸱

About me

  • US citizen, Data Science + Applied Machine Learning.
    • Areas include: Ad Tech, Content & Ad integrity with Vision and NLP, and more.
    • Tech stacks include: Spark, TensorFlow, K8s, AWS, Airflow, and more.

Major Projects

  • Ad SSP and Ad Exchange - Data Science, AWS EMR, AWS SageMaker
  • Ads Integrity - NLP, Vision, Data Science, AWS ECS, Chrome Extension
    • System precision improved 3x -- from 33% to 97%
  • Interactive Ads Optimization - NLP, K8s
    • Decrease model latency 3x -- to sub 1 sec
  • UGC Integrity - NLP, Vision, K8s
    • Reduced error rate by 10%
  • Enterprise Network Security - Data Science, Hive, Spark
    • Netflow Enrichment and Exfiltration Detection at scale
  • User Login Security - Data Science, General ML
  • Notebook Automation - Hadoop, JupyterHub

Work experience

  • 2017 - present, Yahoo!, New York City, USA
    • The projects listed above are all done within this period
  • 2012, Lisco Global Solutions LID., Taipei, Taiwan
    • Summer internship, feature implementation and Microsoft Office integration


  • 2015 - 2017, Master's Degree, Computer Science. The Ohio State University, USA
    • Data Visualization and Visualization Systems
  • 2010 - 2014, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science. National Central University, Taiwan
    • Human-Computer Interaction


  • Current/Fluent: Python
  • Prior Experience: Scala, TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, LUA, C++, Golang, PHP