An ever-growing collection of handy zsh functions and aliases
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Open standard browser from prompt:

browse() { open $(eval ${1}) }

This allows for evaluation of aliases given as arguments to browse.

Working with git

Get the name of the currently checked out branch:

alias branch_current='git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD'

Get the base commit for the current branch (the commit after which your branch divides from master):

alias branch_oldest_ancestor='/usr/bin/diff -u <(git rev-list --first-parent master) <(git rev-list --first-parent HEAD) | sed -ne "s/^ //p" | head -1'

Get all commits in your current branch:

alias branch_log='git log $(branch_oldest_ancestor)..HEAD'

Get all changes in your current branch:

alias branch_diff='git diff $(branch_oldest_ancestor)..HEAD'

Get all changed still existing files in your current branch:

alias branch_files='git diff $(branch_oldest_ancestor)..HEAD --diff-filter=ACMR --name-only --oneline'


Get an URL to your hosted repo:

alias bitbucket_repo_url='echo https://$(git remote -v | grep -oh "[:/][^ ]\+.git" | head -1 | sed "s/:/\//" | sed "s/\.git$//")'

Get an URL to a full diff for your branch (like branch_diff but on the web):

alias bitbucket_review_url='echo $(bitbucket_repo_url)/branches/compare/$(branch_current)..$(branch_oldest_ancestor)'

Ticket system

Get the corresponding ticket URL for the current branch:

alias redmine_url='echo$(branch_current | grep -oh "^[0-9]\+")'


Check all changed files in your current branch with rubocop:

alias branch_rubocop='branch_files | grep  "\.\(rb\|gemspec\)$" | xargs rubocop --force-exclusion'


Feel free to bind personal aliases in whatever style you prefer (examples for prezto):

alias bbb='browse bitbucket_repo_url'
alias bbbr='browse bitbucket_review_url'
alias bred='browse redmine_url'