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Nix Flake Registry

Welcome to the Nix Flake Registry repository! This repository contains the default flake-registry.json file utilized by the Nix CLI. The flake registry serves as a convenient method for the Nix CLI to associate short names with flake URIs, such as linking nixpkgs to github:NixOS/nixpkgs/nixpkgs-unstable.


Mapped names from this registry are employed in two distinct contexts:


The registry allows for more concise invocations of nix run and other Nix commands.

For instance, when executing nix run nixpkgs#hello, the nixpkgs portion is resolved to the corresponding GitHub repository via the registry mapping.

Flake Inputs

When a flake output function refers to an input that has not been explicitly specified, the input is resolved using the registry.

Consider the following minimal flake.nix file:

  outputs = { self, nixpkgs }: { };

Here, self refers to the flake itself, while nixpkgs is resolved automatically through the registry.

NOTE: Although this feature offers convenience, we recommend explicitly listing all inputs, as the flake registry content may change over time.

Registry File Format

The file format is briefly documented here:

Inclusion Policy

Inclusion criteria are evaluated based on the following considerations:

  1. The namespace has a limited size.
  2. Common names should be avoided to prevent confusion if a user mistypes an input in their flake.nix and it resolves to another input via the registry.
  3. The shortcut must offer clear utility to the NixOS ecosystem; it is not intended to showcase random projects.
  4. Project popularity is taken into account.

When submitting a PR, please acknowledge and refer to these policy points for argumentation.

If your goal is to get your project listed somewhere, consider submitting it to instead.

NOTE: Some existing entries may not adhere to this policy due to historical reasons.

Publication Pipeline

By default, the Nix CLI is configured to fetch the registry at This URL is proxied to this repository using Fastly:


Global registry of Nix flakes


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