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Documentation internal notes

This document is not to be generated into the website/documentation.

Implementation notes

This documentation folder generates the Mobile NixOS website and documentation as a whole.

The documentation is to be written in asciidoc, and converted through a custom pipeline through the Asciidoctor API. Markdown files are accepted in the pipeline, but frowned upon except for the simplest documentation articles.

The build pipeline can be improved upon, and contributions doing so are welcome!

Main Page and News

To reduce the amount of irrelevant contents in the documentation folders, the main page, and news entries from the Mobile NixOS website have been split into the Mobile NixOS website repository.

This also allows more leeway to add additional non-documentation relevant pages to the website. The documentation folder of the main repository is used solely for documentation.

Devices list

The devices folder is special and assumes it will be replaced in-place with asciidoc source files generated from a build outside of the main documentation build. This is because it is generated from the actual device descriptions from the repository.


The sitemap is simply a dump of all document files and "catalogs" from as parsed by Asciidoctor.

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