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#! @perl@ -w @perlFlags@
use strict;
use File::Temp qw(tempdir);
use Nix::Config;
use Nix::Manifest;
my $tmpDir = tempdir("nix-pull.XXXXXX", CLEANUP => 1, TMPDIR => 1)
or die "cannot create a temporary directory";
my $manifestDir = $Nix::Config::manifestDir;
# Prevent access problems in shared-stored installations.
umask 0022;
# Create the manifests directory if it doesn't exist.
if (! -e $manifestDir) {
mkdir $manifestDir, 0755 or die "cannot create directory `$manifestDir'";
# Make sure that the manifests directory is scanned for GC roots.
my $gcRootsDir = "$Nix::Config::stateDir/gcroots";
my $manifestDirLink = "$gcRootsDir/manifests";
if (! -l $manifestDirLink) {
symlink($manifestDir, $manifestDirLink) or die "cannot create symlink `$manifestDirLink'";
# Process the URLs specified on the command line.
sub downloadFile {
my $url = shift;
$ENV{"QUIET"} = 1;
my ($dummy, $path) = `$Nix::Config::binDir/nix-prefetch-url '$url'`;
die "cannot fetch `$url'" if $? != 0;
die "nix-prefetch-url did not return a path" unless defined $path;
chomp $path;
return $path;
sub processURL {
my $url = shift;
$url =~ s/\/$//;
my $manifest;
my $origUrl = $ENV{'NIX_ORIG_URL'} || $url;
# First see if a bzipped manifest is available.
if (system("$Nix::Config::curl --fail --silent --location --head '$url'.bz2 > /dev/null") == 0) {
print "fetching list of Nix archives at `$url.bz2'...\n";
$manifest = downloadFile "$url.bz2";
# Otherwise, just get the uncompressed manifest.
else {
print "fetching list of Nix archives at `$url'...\n";
$manifest = downloadFile $url;
my $baseName = "unnamed";
if ($url =~ /\/([^\/]+)\/[^\/]+$/) { # get the forelast component
$baseName = $1;
my $hash = `$Nix::Config::binDir/nix-hash --flat '$manifest'`
or die "cannot hash `$manifest'";
chomp $hash;
my $urlFile = "$manifestDir/$baseName-$hash.url";
open URL, ">$urlFile" or die "cannot create `$urlFile'";
print URL $origUrl;
close URL;
my $finalPath = "$manifestDir/$baseName-$hash.nixmanifest";
unlink $finalPath if -e $finalPath;
symlink("$manifest", "$finalPath")
or die "cannot link `$finalPath to `$manifest'";
deleteOldManifests($origUrl, $urlFile);
while (@ARGV) {
my $url = shift @ARGV;
if ($url eq "--skip-wrong-store") {
# No-op, no longer supported.
} else {
processURL $url;
# Update the cache.
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