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set -x
dep=$(nix-build -o $RESULT check-refs.nix -A dep)
# test1 references dep, not itself.
test1=$(nix-build -o $RESULT check-refs.nix -A test1)
! nix-store -q --references $test1 | grep -q $test1
nix-store -q --references $test1 | grep -q $dep
# test2 references src, not itself nor dep.
test2=$(nix-build -o $RESULT check-refs.nix -A test2)
! nix-store -q --references $test2 | grep -q $test2
! nix-store -q --references $test2 | grep -q $dep
nix-store -q --references $test2 | grep -q aux-ref
# test3 should fail (unallowed ref).
! nix-build -o $RESULT check-refs.nix -A test3
# test4 should succeed.
nix-build -o $RESULT check-refs.nix -A test4
# test5 should succeed.
nix-build -o $RESULT check-refs.nix -A test5
# test6 should fail (unallowed self-ref).
! nix-build -o $RESULT check-refs.nix -A test6
# test7 should succeed (allowed self-ref).
nix-build -o $RESULT check-refs.nix -A test7
# test8 should fail (toFile depending on derivation output).
! nix-build -o $RESULT check-refs.nix -A test8
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