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#! @perl@ -w
use strict;
my $procDir = "/proc";
sub readProc {
return unless -d $procDir;
opendir DIR, $procDir or return;
foreach my $name (readdir DIR) {
next unless $name =~ /^\d+$/;
my $process = "$procDir/$name";
#print STDERR "=== $process\n";
my $target;
print "$target\n" if $target = readlink "$process/exe";
print "$target\n" if $target = readlink "$process/cwd";
if (opendir FDS, "$process/fd") {
foreach my $name (readdir FDS) {
$target = readlink "$process/fd/$name";
print "$target\n" if $target && substr($target, 0, 1) eq "/";
closedir FDS;
if (open MAP, "<$process/maps") {
while (<MAP>) {
next unless /^ \s* \S+ \s+ \S+ \s+ \S+ \s+ \S+ \s+ \S+ \s+ (\/\S+) \s* $/x;
print "$1\n";
close MAP;
closedir DIR;
sub lsof {
return unless open LSOF, "lsof -n -w -F n 2> /dev/null |";
while (<LSOF>) {
next unless /^n (\/ .*)$/x;
print $1, "\n";
close LSOF;
sub readFile {
my $path = shift;
if (-e $path) {
if (open FILE, "$path") {
while (<FILE>) {
close FILE;
# This is rather NixOS-specific, so it probably shouldn't be here.
readFile "/proc/sys/kernel/modprobe";
readFile "/proc/sys/kernel/fbsplash";
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