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export IMPURE_VAR1=foo
export IMPURE_VAR2=bar
echo 'testing good...'
nix-build fixed.nix -A good --no-out-link
echo 'testing good2...'
nix-build fixed.nix -A good2 --no-out-link
echo 'testing bad...'
nix-build fixed.nix -A bad --no-out-link && fail "should fail"
echo 'testing reallyBad...'
nix-instantiate fixed.nix -A reallyBad && fail "should fail"
# While we're at it, check attribute selection a bit more.
echo 'testing attribute selection...'
test $(nix-instantiate fixed.nix -A good.1 | wc -l) = 1
# Test parallel builds of derivations that produce the same output.
# Only one should run at the same time.
echo 'testing parallelSame...'
nix-build fixed.nix -A parallelSame --no-out-link -j2
# Fixed-output derivations with a recursive SHA-256 hash should
# produce the same path as "nix-store --add".
echo 'testing sameAsAdd...'
out=$(nix-build fixed.nix -A sameAsAdd --no-out-link)
# This is what fixed.builder2 produces...
rm -rf $TEST_ROOT/fixed
mkdir $TEST_ROOT/fixed
mkdir $TEST_ROOT/fixed/bla
echo "Hello World!" > $TEST_ROOT/fixed/foo
ln -s foo $TEST_ROOT/fixed/bar
out2=$(nix-store --add $TEST_ROOT/fixed)
echo $out2
test "$out" = "$out2" || exit 1
out3=$(nix-store --add-fixed --recursive sha256 $TEST_ROOT/fixed)
echo $out3
test "$out" = "$out3" || exit 1
out4=$(nix-store --print-fixed-path --recursive sha256 "1ixr6yd3297ciyp9im522dfxpqbkhcw0pylkb2aab915278fqaik" fixed)
echo $out4
test "$out" = "$out4" || exit 1
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