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Remove manifest support
Manifests have been superseded by binary caches for years. This also
gets rid of nix-pull, nix-generate-patches and bsdiff/bspatch.
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edolstra committed Apr 11, 2016
1 parent af4fb6e commit 867967265b80946dfe1db72d40324b4f9af988ed
@@ -34,7 +34,6 @@ Makefile.config

# /scripts/
@@ -43,22 +42,15 @@ Makefile.config

# /src/bsdiff-4.3/

# /src/libexpr/
@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ makefiles = \
src/download-via-ssh/ \
src/nix-log2xml/ \
src/nix-prefetch-url/ \
src/bsdiff-4.3/ \
perl/ \
scripts/ \
corepkgs/ \
@@ -435,18 +435,6 @@ flag, e.g. <literal>--option gc-keep-outputs false</literal>.</para>


<listitem><para>If this option is set to <literal>false</literal>
(default) and a Nix channel provides both a manifest and a binary
cache, only the binary cache will be used. If set to
<literal>true</literal>, the manifest will be fetched as well.
This is useful if you want to use binary patches (which are
currently not supported by binary caches).</para></listitem>



<listitem><para>This option specifies the canonical Nix system
@@ -73,11 +73,10 @@ condition="manual">See also <xref linkend="sec-channels"

<listitem><para>Downloads the Nix expressions of all subscribed
channels (or only those included in
<replaceable>names</replaceable> if specified), makes them the
<replaceable>names</replaceable> if specified) and makes them the
default for <command>nix-env</command> operations (by symlinking
them from the directory <filename>~/.nix-defexpr</filename>), and
performs a <command>nix-pull</command> on the manifests of all
channels to make pre-built binaries available.</para></listitem>
them from the directory


@@ -187,16 +186,6 @@ following files:</para>



<listitem><para>(Deprecated in favour of binary caches.) A
manifest as created by <command>nix-push</command>. Only used if
<filename>binary-cache-url</filename> is not present or if the
<filename>nix.conf</filename> option
<option>force-manifest</option> is set.</para></listitem>




This file was deleted.

@@ -146,9 +146,7 @@ The elements are as follows:


<listitem><para>The manifest to be pulled by
<command>nix-pull</command>. The manifest must contain


This file was deleted.

@@ -73,8 +73,7 @@ automatically.</para>
<listitem><para>Optionally, a single <emphasis>manifest</emphasis>
file is created that contains the same metadata as the
<filename>.narinfo</filename> files. This is for compatibility with
Nix versions prior to 1.2 (see <command>nix-pull</command> for
Nix versions prior to 1.2.</para></listitem>

<listitem><para>A file named <option>nix-cache-info</option> is
placed in the destination directory. The existence of this file
@@ -135,7 +134,7 @@ automatically.</para>

<listitem><para>Force the generation of a manifest suitable for
use by <command>nix-pull</command>. The manifest is stored as
use by old versions of Nix. The manifest is stored as

@@ -203,20 +202,6 @@ $ nix-push --dest /tmp/cache $(nix-instantiate -A thunderbird)


<para>To generate a manifest suitable for <command>nix-pull</command>:

$ nix-push --dest /tmp/cache $(nix-build -A thunderbird) --manifest

On another machine you can then do:

$ nix-pull

to cause the binaries to be used by subsequent Nix operations.</para>

<para>To generate a signed binary cache, you must first generate a key
pair, in this example called <literal></literal>,
storing the secret key in <filename>./sk</filename> and the public key
@@ -13,14 +13,10 @@ work with Nix.</para>
<xi:include href="nix-collect-garbage.xml" />
<xi:include href="nix-copy-closure.xml" />
<xi:include href="nix-daemon.xml" />
<xi:include href="nix-generate-patches.xml" />
<xi:include href="nix-hash.xml" />
<xi:include href="nix-install-package.xml" />
<xi:include href="nix-instantiate.xml" />
<xi:include href="nix-prefetch-url.xml" />
<xi:include href="nix-pull.xml" />
<xi:include href="nix-push.xml" />

@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ dist-files += $(d)/manual.xmli $(d)/version.txt $(d)/
# Generate man pages.
man-pages := $(foreach n, \
nix-env.1 nix-build.1 nix-shell.1 nix-store.1 nix-instantiate.1 \
nix-collect-garbage.1 nix-push.1 nix-pull.1 \
nix-collect-garbage.1 nix-push.1 \
nix-prefetch-url.1 nix-channel.1 \
nix-install-package.1 nix-hash.1 nix-copy-closure.1 \
nix.conf.5 nix-daemon.8, \
@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ $version = "@PACKAGE_VERSION@";
$binDir = $ENV{"NIX_BIN_DIR"} || "@bindir@";
$libexecDir = $ENV{"NIX_LIBEXEC_DIR"} || "@libexecdir@";
$stateDir = $ENV{"NIX_STATE_DIR"} || "@localstatedir@/nix";
$manifestDir = $ENV{"NIX_MANIFESTS_DIR"} || "@localstatedir@/nix/manifests";
$logDir = $ENV{"NIX_LOG_DIR"} || "@localstatedir@/log/nix";
$confDir = $ENV{"NIX_CONF_DIR"} || "@sysconfdir@/nix";
$storeDir = $ENV{"NIX_STORE_DIR"} || "@storedir@";

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