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NixOS Logo

This is the canonical location of the NixOS logo, affectionately called the Nix Snowflake.



A logo with the baked-in outline is made available and is recognized as the de-facto version of the logo, since the font's exact revision, for its metrics and the software used to produce the outlines is unknown. Using a recent revision of the font with a recent inkscape produces different outlines.

The font used is Vegur, a CC0 font. The revision used is one of the harder to find revisions, either 0.601 or 0.602.

Do note that the original logo as designed has manually positioned O and S, and a manually transformed O shape.

The manual adjustments have been faithfully re-created over the existing de-facto version of the logo in nixos.text.svg if it can be useful. The main idea behind the adjustments seems to keep the round letters narrower (letters like O and C). The file has been built expecting the Vegur602 font family instead of the Vegur font family. Such a font family can be built using the derivation and source files provided in the font folder.

Using the logo

The svg source files have a logo-guide and those with text a guide layer. Ensure the snowflake has at least the given margin with any other elements with other elements when used. The source SVG files with text already have the margin baked into the files.


The logo is made available under a CC-BY license.


Logo designed by Tim Cuthbertson (@timbertson)