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Browse files exit 0 if the channel would go back in time

Prometheus now has a configured alert if an update job fails for a
while. Going back in time is not so unusual:

1. a hydra evaluation completes with some failed jobs
2. the channel advances to this commit
3. an admin restarts a failed job
4. the channel would go backward because the evaluation is complete

Since it is not a problem, make it a non-problematic exit code.
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grahamc committed Nov 15, 2019
1 parent fac8ec9 commit 7ee70fd479a3f915c25d101f6453a95807b0c5a4
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@@ -77,7 +77,11 @@ sub fetch {
my $curRelease = pop @curReleaseUrl;
my $d = `NIX_PATH= nix-instantiate --eval -E "builtins.compareVersions (builtins.parseDrvName \\"$curRelease\\").version (builtins.parseDrvName \\"$releaseName\\").version"`;
chomp $d;
die "channel would go back in time from $curRelease to $releaseName, bailing out\n" if $d == 1;
if ($d == 1) {
warn("channel would go back in time from $curRelease to $releaseName, bailing out\n");

exit if $d == 0;

if ($bucket->head_key("$releasePrefix")) {

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