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[% WRAPPER title="Getting Nix" menu='nix' %]
<section><h2>Latest release</h2>
<p>The latest and recommended version of Nix is
<strong>[%latestNixVersion%]</strong>. The quickest way to install it
on Linux and macOS is to run the following in a shell (as a user
other than <tt>root</tt>):</p>
<span class="nix-command">curl | sh</span>
<p>Make sure to follow the instructions output by the script.</p>
<h3>GPG Verification</h3>
<p>You may want to verify the integrity of the installation script
using GPG:</p>
<span class="nix-command">curl -o install-nix-[%latestNixVersion%]</span>
<span class="nix-command">curl -o install-nix-[%latestNixVersion%].sig</span>
<span class="nix-command">gpg2 --recv-keys B541D55301270E0BCF15CA5D8170B4726D7198DE</span>
<span class="nix-command">gpg2 --verify ./install-nix-[%latestNixVersion%].sig</span>
<span class="nix-command">sh ./install-nix-[%latestNixVersion%]</span>
<p>The <a href="[%root%]edolstra.gpg">signing key</a> has fingerprint <tt>B541 D553 0127 0E0B CF15 CA5D 8170 B472 6D71 98DE</tt>.
It is also available <a href="">on GitHub</a>.</p>
<p>The installation script requires that you have <tt>sudo</tt> access
to <tt>root</tt>. You can uninstall Nix simply by running <tt>rm
-rf /nix</tt>. See <a href="[%nixManual%]#chap-installation">the
manual</a> for more information.</p>
<p>The following are also available:</p>
<li><a href="[%latestNixMirror%]/nix-[%latestNixVersion%].tar.xz">Source tarball</a>.</li>
packages for several platforms</a>, including RPMs, Debs and binary
tarballs for Mac OS X.</li>
<li><a href="[%nixManual%]#ssec-relnotes-[%latestNixVersion%]">Release
<li><a href="[%nixManual%]">Manual</a>. Please read the <a
href="[%nixManual%]#chap-quick-start">“Quick Start” section of the
manual</a> for an overview of how to install and use Nix.</li>
<section><h2>Continuous builds</h2>
<p>You can grab the latest bleeding-edge pre-release from our <a
href="../hydra">continuous build system</a>:</p>
latest development release of Nix</a></li>
<section><h2>Old releases</h2>
<p>Old releases are <a href="/releases/nix">also available</a>.</p>
[% END %]