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[% WRAPPER title="NixOS Linux" hideTitle=1 menu='nixos' %]
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<div class="jumbotron">
<img class="right-logo" src="[%root%]logo/nixos-logo-only-hires.png" alt="NixOS Logo"/>
<h2>The Purely Functional Linux Distribution</h2>
<p class="lead">NixOS is a Linux distribution with a unique approach
to package and configuration management. Built on top of the <a
href="[%root%]nix">Nix package manager</a>, it is completely
declarative, makes upgrading systems reliable, and has <a
href="[%root%]nixos/about.html">many other advantages</a>.</p>
<div class="get-nixos get-button">
<a class="btn btn-large btn-success"
href="[%root%]nixos/download.html"><i class="fa
fa-cloud-download"></i> Get NixOS</a>
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<div class="span4">
<p>NixOS has a completely <strong>declarative</strong> approach to
configuration management: you write a specification of the desired
configuration of your system in NixOS’s modular language, and
NixOS takes care of making it happen.</p>
<div class="span4">
<p>NixOS has <strong>atomic upgrades and rollbacks</strong>. It’s
always safe to try an upgrade or configuration change: if things
go wrong, you can always roll back to the previous
<div class="span4">
<p>Declarative specs and safe upgrades make NixOS a great system
for DevOps use. <a
href="[%root%]nixops"><strong>NixOps</strong></a>, the NixOS cloud
deployment tool, allows you to provision and manage networks of
NixOS machines in environments like Amazon EC2 and VirtualBox.</p>
[% END %]
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