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[% WRAPPER title="Learning resources" menu='nixos' %]
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<h2><a href="[%nixosManual%]">Manual</a></h2>
<p>The main source of information about installing and using NixOS
is the <a href="[%nixosManual%]"><strong>NixOS
manual</strong></a>. Inside a NixOS system, you can read the
manual by running the command <tt>nixos-help</tt>, and you can see
the list of configuration options by running <tt>man
configuration.nix</tt>. You can also <a href="options.html">search
the list of options online</a>.</p>
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<h2><a href="">Discourse forum</a></h2>
<p>Discourse is a forum where we have discussions and help users out with their questions.
Visit the page and register with GitHub or email/password:
<a href=""></a>.
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<h2><a href="irc://">IRC</a></h2>
<p>You can drop by on the IRC channel <a
on <a href=""><tt></tt></a> to
chat with the developers or other users.</p>
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<h2><a href="[%nixPills%]">Nix Pills</a></h2>
<p>The <a href="[%nixPills%]">Nix Pills</a> are to convince you to
give Nix a try, and to complement the explanations from the more
formal documents, in short digestable pieces.</p>
<div class="span4" id="mailing-list">
<h2>Mailing lists</h2>
<p><a href="!forum/nix-security-announce"><tt><strong>nix-security-announce@<wbr/>googlegroups<wbr/>.com</strong></tt></a>
is for security-related announcements. To subscribe, visit the <a
Google Group</a> or send an email to <a
<div class="span4">
<h2>Other resources</h2>
<p>There are several other manuals:</p>
<li>The <a href=""><strong>NixOS Wiki</strong></a>
is an unofficial wiki maintained by the community.</li>
<li>The <a href="[%nixpkgsManual%]"><strong>Nixpkgs
manual</strong></a> describes how to use the
<a href="[%root%]nixpkgs">package collection</a> that NixOS is
built on.</li>
<li>The <a href="[%nixManual%]"><strong>Nix manual</strong></a>
describes how to use the <a href="[%root%]nix">Nix package
<li>The <a href="[%nixopsManual%]"><strong>NixOps
manual</strong></a> describes how to deploy NixOS machine in the
cloud using <a href="[%root%]nixops">NixOps</a>.</li>
[% END %]
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